In connection with another trip to Romania, it was possible to follow up on several of those who had a dialogue with the summer of 2017 and to make new acquaintances to keep up with the political developments in this area. This is especially because there is an expectation from the founders that, among other things, the Eastern European countries such as Croatia and Albania will be able to enter the market (legally) and therefore also a country like Romania that can contribute to growth in the country and to Their prisons are filled with the really criminals. Therefore, a defense attorney was contacted in order to have a permanent contact in order to comply with any legislative changes. The interesting thing about Romania is that where the rest of the EU / world decriminalize cannabis as medicine, Romania punishes all cannabis sales, which also prevents similar explosive development as in similar countries. However, there is a market for cannabis medicine, especially the criminals, which may help the Romanian government to follow the rest of the EU.