The Human Cannabis Medicine Experiment

By the people, for the people

THCME’s primary purpose is to allow the association’s members to grow their own cannabis plants with and without THC and to produce CBD and THC oil for their own needs. Through our Education Academy, we are hoping to train our future members, so they have the skill-set to do so. To fulfill this goal, we are hoping to establish THCME Farmhouses, so that the association can produce and deliver cannabis medicine to those members that do not have the capability to grow their own medicine.

Secondary, the purpose of the association is to start smaller (non-profil) TCHME Social Clubs, where future members can participate in different event and meet people, who are in a similar situation, in a social setting.

Furthermore, the purpose it to gather and communicate anonymized knowledge about our members’ experience with cannabis medicine and its (side) effect through THCME’s knowledge academy. In addition, the association is hoping to establish a THCME Advisory Board, consisting of relevant professionals, such as nurses, doctors, lawyers and social workers, who have experience in both the legal, political and the social field and a THCME Legal Team that will support the association in its work.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell

The idea behind THCME first popped up in spring 2017 as a necessary reaction to a meeting between two childhood friends, who have not seen each other in 30 years. One of them had a few years prior to the meeting been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and needed cannabis medicine to get through the hours of the day without being in unbearable pain and in order to sustain some functionality. The other realized that drastic measures were needed in order to help her old friend. Not only for his sake, but for the thousands of other people that are in a similar situation. To properly help, multiple efforts are needed; the access to free legal counseling must be ensured (THCME’s counseling team), the access to cheap, qualitative medicine must be ensured (THCME’s Farmhouses) and a social space should be created, where one can meet others that are going through similar problems as one-self (THCME’s Social Clubs).

In spring 2018 the first step towards the establishment of THCME as an association was taken, which now makes it possible for us to reveal our work in the fight for the right to use cannabis medicine.

Here on our website, you will be able to read more about the thought that lies behind THCME and the different initiative we are hoping to be allowed to carry out in the future, such as Farmhouses and Social Clubs.

Currently, the law in Denmark does not allow a project as THCME, but it is our hope that we can change this through political work and raising knowledge in the area, so that THCME one day in the future can be established as an association in Denmark and implement its visions. The vision is to ensure that everybody has access to counseling, cheap and good cannabis medicine and a community room, where citizens that need cannabis medicine can meet.