THCME distinguish between two types of membership: 1) Active membership and 2) Support membership. The active members will be the only ones who can use the THCME’s different offers and benefits. “Active membership” implicate that you live up to the membership requirements, including participation in the mandatory introduction event.

With a “Support membership” you are able to support the purpose of the association, independent on whether you fulfil the ordinary membership requirements or not, by simply giving your declaration to the project and/or contribute financially. As a support member you will additionally have access to selected membership events.

Even though THCME do not have any Social Clubs established yet because of the applied law, we already now search for potential members, because alone the number of submissions have the makings of influence on the fulfilment of THCME – just as it underpin the feeling of THCME being an association by the people, for the people. The hope is that visible public support for the project can help bring focus to the area and enable THCME in the long run.

Below you can read more about our types of memberships as well as how you already now can be a part of THCME.

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