THCME Training Academy

One of the first assignments of the Secretary will be to establish THCME’s Training Academy. This will be to ensure that the members of THCME in the long run are probably prepared to grow cannabis plants and/or produce their own medicine for one self, just as to ensure that our employees are probably prepared to handle their respective tasks. The different focus areas of the association will serve as the setting for the construction of the Training Academy. The training of the members will in the future be conducted as workshops which in the long run which will be executed in the local Social Clubs. The training of the employees – payed as well as voluntary – will consist of an educational course organised as a mandatory basic training as well as secondary programs and masterclasses within the primary areas; Counselling, Farmhouses and Social Clubs

To be considered for the THCME Training Academy one should by default be a part of the association’s target group – that is being ill and being in the need of those products and services that THCME in the future hope to provide. This is due to the fact that the association is created for and by the members of the association, which also signifies that it is our members as well as their relatives who initially can apply for admission to one of our member-workshops or apply for enrolment as a future employee. Additionally people with professional expertise, that is necessary for the THCME, can also apply for admission to our training academy.

Only the necessary amount of employees in proportion to the unoccupied positions of the association will be accepted. These positions will only occur concurrently with the establishment of local THCME Social Clubs and Farmhouses. This also means that there will not be regular admission-rounds initially, but rather contemporarily admission and supply of training