Since Germany, in addition to being one of the largest EU country, in several of their states throughout the years, has seen through the fingers with, among other things, citizens who grown for their own consumption and relatively quickly entered the struggle for the legalization of, for example, CBD oil – was Germany (Hamburg ) also relevant to involve. One of the founders often comes in Hamburg and has therefore continuously investigated how it looked, but it was only when THCME had taken its form that at this point it became relevant to contact the police, for example, to hear how they saw the image as well as “customers and sellers” of both legal and illegal cannabis related products including both in the form of smoke as well as oil with and without THC. Through a Facebook for citizens in Denmark for disease-affected citizens who used / used or sought / sought cannabis as medicine, contact was made with someone in Hamburg who especially worked with THC oil for highly ill-affected citizens who were motivated to have lost their wife for cancer and therefore would like to help others.