England was unexpectedly current in connection with one of the founders’ business trips to England, where two of the meetings with a couple of lawyers ended with an exciting debate about just the decriminalization of cannabis as medicine in England – could not because of the disease-affected citizens, but also because One could see a legal advantage including a reduction in especially the banners that turn over the hash and now also the medicine market. In addition, England is and is interesting because they are in the process of enrolling in the EU and therefore have greater freedom of action in relation to the actual decriminalization of use as well as the right to cultivate and produce cannabis medicine in various forms. Consequently, contact was made to both relatives who, on behalf of their sick family members, either self-cultivated and / or produced or purchased it illegally as well as those who sold as well as produced cannabis medicine in England to hear more about how it happened / happens in London as a selected area. Especially the relatives have been helpful in distributing their experiences to disease-impaired experiences with the medicine.