Because Sweden is especially known as a country with a strict alcohol policy, including in relation to drugs of all kinds as well as major problems, especially band crime, which also represents the illegal sale of cannabis / hash and now also as medicine in various forms as well as quality. Sweden was therefore obvious to visit not only because it is so close – but because we often compare ourselves with Sweden and THCME’s future can therefore also be relevant to how to look at such a project including, possibly, a pilot project if it became possible in Denmark. Here, in advance, one of the founders’ work networks created contact with, among other things, a journalist who had / has a great knowledge of both medicine and the role of criminals in the sale of these. Furthermore, it was possible to meet both one who himself cultivated for a small group of affected people and two of his “customers” who were not themselves sick, but picked up on behalf of a good friend and on behalf of her mother.