The association’s primary purpose is, through THCMEs Knowledge Academy, to educate our member, so that they in the future can grow their own cannabis plants with and without THC as well as produce, e.g. CBD og THC oil for their own use.

In addition, the purpose is, in the longer run, to build THCME Farmhouses, so that the association can produce and deliver its own, cheap seeds and cuttings as well as cannabis medicine to those of our members that for whatever reason do not have the possibilities to produce their own medicine.

Secondary, in the future, the associations purpose is to start smaller (non-profit) TCHME Social Clubs, where future members can meet other like-minded in a social setting and participate in different events arranged by the Social Club Managers. In addition, the purpose is to gather, communicate and distribute anonymous knowledge about our members experiences with the cannabis medicine and its (side)effects through TCHMEs Knowledge Academy. Furthermore, the association has the intention to build a THCMEs Advisory Board, consisting of relevant educated people, i.e. nurses, doctors, lawyers and social workers in both the juridical, political and societal area, as well as building a THCMEs Legal Team to support the association in its work.

THCME will primarily be financed by the members, amongst other ways through membership fees that will pay for the production and dispensing of seeds, cuttings or THCMEs privately produced medicine. Other ways include sale of foods, drinks and other relevant products in the THCMEs Social Club as well as conducting course programs and lectures. A final way is though sponsorships. THCME will therefore be owned and primarily managed by the members themselves with help from relevant professionals with expertise within different areas. In this way the future members will have ownership over the association and thereby a feeling of being in control of their own treatment, while the experts can contribute to secure that production and work procedures is up to par with THCMEs codes of conduct. The aim of the association is thus to be one voice on behalf of all its members. This one voice is shouting to decriminalize the production and use of cannabis medicine. The struggle is common – crosswise sickness, residence, gender, age, nationality and so forth.

You can read more about the THCME-association on our website and social media, where you henceforth can follow our work, including how you as an affected person or as a supporting member can contribute to the fight to make THCME possible.