As an end to the preparation and adaptation of THCME, an important meeting with one of the “godfathers” – Wernard Bruining – was lacking in cultivating cannabis plants as well as producing CBD. This includes listening to, for example, our future members’ needs for quantities of CBD / THC oil, organizing member events to teach them to grow and produce, use of cannabis in cooking, etc. This was an inspiring meeting which at the same time made the final things around THCME in place, including Holland being selected as a pilot country. Our contacts in Barcelona can either start a THCME department or wait for a successful start in Holland and find the right team to do it. The tour also offered a course at Wernard Bruining on how to produce CBD oil himself – which is the same process as with THC – and in this connection was in dialogue with the other 12 participants, half of whom were relatives and the other, even disease-impaired. A meeting which emphasized the importance of involvement of the relatives.