Because the Barcelona Social Club’s model is the one that THCME is inspired of compared to our upcoming Social Clubs and Barcelona in several areas is longer in the field of legislation, more visits have been and will continue to be necessary. This time, focus was on the production of cannabis plants (indoors and outdoors), including production of cannabis medicine in Barcelona, ​​and visitors therefore went to various indoor and outdoor cannabis farms to learn more about how they do, their challenges, varieties, etc. Here, experience was exchanged and a great interest in testing a pilot project in Barcelona, ​​if Holland would not be possible or done concurrently. Some time was spent preparing for a possible. pilot projects there, both in terms of finding a lawyer in relation to the current legislation as this changes continuously. In addition, creating the necessary network including one with access to a Social Club license, which succeeds also concluded agreements about the next steps, and a trip to Holland was therefore quickly planned.