Due to Barcelona in several areas, it has managed to find an exciting model for a decriminalization of cannabis including cannabis as medicine via their Social Clubs (other words for Coffeeshops) where local citizens can sign up for a Social Club and buy here as well as ” consume “their cannabis products. In addition, they have also built up a great deal of competence in cultivating cannabis and in far more areas, having a bid for legislation, unlike, for example, Holland. This became more visits to different types of Social Clubs with one who has been working for over five years to get a better insight into everything from joining members, rules for the members of the respective Social Clubs, requirements for the decor, selection of products, training of employees, production of products to members, etc. In addition, there is a meeting with one of the lawyers representing several of the major Social Clubs in Barcelona as well as several local activists in the cannabis medicine field. Barcelona is therefore also a great inspiration for the building of THCME’s future Social Clubs.