Due to developments around the world in the cannabis area as well as Morocco’s long history as hash suppliers, especially Europe, Morocco was one of the most important countries to visit. First, to get an idea of ​​how far Morocco was in relation to a decriminalization in order to cannabis in relation to the development as well as their own possible story about the use of cannabis as medicine and in their cooking. Due to language barriers – there were of course a couple of challenges – but no more than it became clear that there was no great tradition of using, for example, medicine but it was also clear that the cannabis farmer also did not get enough of their product , so the whole plant used for different things. In connection with the trip, a close relationship was established with several farmers including a continued contact to return next year (2018) and work more on what opportunities in Morocco are for cannabis medicine and other products when exports in the future become a reality – also from Morocco, of course legal.