In connection with a summer holiday including a round trip in Romania, Romania came on the list of interesting countries due to their strict legislation as well as the many challenges that continued and continued in Romanian prisons as well as their lack of legal safety net. Therefore, there were several spontaneous meetings with buyers as well as sellers of cannabis medicine in several forms, but mostly in smoking form – as cannabis as medicine was not known at the time, especially due to the criminal legislation in the field (euphoric substances) and two police officers who happened to be fining a pair of youngsters who had smoked a joint and a lawyer working as a defense attorney. This gave an exciting insight into the work of the police in the field as well as an interesting dialogue with the young people subsequently about their experience of the police’s work as well as the political agenda in the cannabis area – both as medicine and as a stimulant. The Defense Attorney contributed with relevant updates in the field of legislation and on developments in Romanian prisons and contributes to the work of THCME.