The first trip in THCME’s name went to Brussels to get an idea of ​​what looked at European level in relation to the cannabis medicine field as well as to feel the forthcoming international political work that should and should continue to make a project like THCME possible in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe. There was a meeting with the watchman on the day in Brussels at the largest police station in Brussels, to hear a little about police work in the area and more meetings with buyers of cannabis medicine in both oil and oil, as well as several “sellers” including a few “Social Clubs” Owners – all meetings that certainly gave the impression that this battle was actually not so impossible at all, after which the project really took shape. In addition, a few local “Coffeeshops” were visited – both for “tourists” centrally located and two that were reserved for local residents outside the city center, which also why these last visits were more to get a feel for the different types.