As a follow-up to the founder’s autumn trip in 2017, the visit to Holland was this time to look more at the Dutch Coffeeshops versus the great knowledge gathered in relation to, for example, the Social Clubs in Barcelona – to ensure that all the best things from each, was incorporated into the future THCME Social Clubs. In addition, contact with local citizens in Amsterdam as well as public authorities as local police officers in “Red light” and NGOs. Since THCME has at this time found its shape and therefore now is only around to the sparring partners to present the final thoughts and get the last feedback – focus on this trip is more to gather the last ideas together and return to Denmark to make the last adjustments before almost the phase would begin, namely from drafting ethical rules to THCME employees, articles of association to the association, preparation of membership system etc. Cannabis College: has been continuously available in relation to the issues that arose / emerge along the way of cultivation and producing cannabis medicine.