THCME Active Membership

To become an active member of THCME, including membership of a local Social Club, you have to be diagnosed with a physical or psychological illness. The diagnosis must be official, which means diagnosed by an authorised doctor. In cases where the member is an underage, the membership will be given to their parents. The THCME Central Board will concurrently respond to questions of whether more target groups should be given permission to get cannabis medicine, determined by the development of the applied law.

Admission of (new) members

In the future all membership candidates are obligated to participate in an admission interview, after they have been considered qualified by the Secretary on behalf of their application through The interview is conducted by a board member from the local Social Club you want to become affiliated to. The admission interview are to ensure that the membership candidate fulfil the membership requirements of THCME. Thus all candidates are required to bring medical documentation to substantiate, that they suffer from one of the illnesses that THCME has selected as qualifying. Additionally they have to bring photo-ID in the form of either passport or driver license.

In connection with accepted admission, all members get a member card on which their membership number and photo are shown. This will among others function as identification when the member are getting his or hers medicine supplied.

Initially our goal is to gather as many members as possible within the target group of THCME, because the more we are in this project together; the faster we can hopefully get started. The number of submissions have the potential to influence the politicians and push the fulfilment of THCME forwards – just as it underpin the feeling of THCME being an association by the people, for the people. Thus you can already now make an application to become a member, after which you will receive further information on how we – hopefully as soon as possible – can begin the establishment of a THCME Social Club in your local area.

Mandatory membership event for new members

All new members should participate in a mandatory introduction event where they will receive an exhaustive presentation and insight in for instance the production of the medicine, the recommended dosses as well as practical information about e.g. getting medicine handed out. Moreover the additionally THCME initiatives and offers will be presented, so that all members know which different offers are available. The membership events will moreover ensure that all members get a feeling of co-ownership, because the association is by the people, for the people.

Given that the establishment of a Social Club with an appertaining Farmhouse initially only will be as a pilot project, the membership events will only take place here at the beginning. Concurrently as more members come and more Social Clubs get established more events will spread across a wider geographical area. Thus it will be the member composition that will determine where the Social Clubs and the events will appear, because we will strive that the Social Clubs and events are as close as possible to their members.


Membership Fee

The membership fee is determined by the members need for seeds, cuttings or THCME’s own medicine products. In the beginning of each month the members will pay an amount of money equivalent to the products they have ordered by their admission. The amount of money covers the costs of production, storage and delivery. In addition every member will contribute with a symbolic subsidy to the running of THCME (the THCME will also get a small amount of revenue to the operation of the association from selling food and drinks as well as other products). The members’ contribution to the operation and running of the association will contemporarily be evaluated and regulated as needed – however there will be a limit for how much the members are supposed to pay for the running, since the association have no aim to earn money from its members.

Membership conditions

As a member of THCME you are assigned to both THCME’s Ethical Rules as well as some resolved membership conditions which will be part of the official admission paper that a member receive in connection with enrolment in the association, just as it will be reviewed already during the admission interview. The membership conditions will also be available on THCME’s intranet as well as in physical form in all the Social Clubs.