The Board

THCME has a head board that currently consists of the association’s founders. The board will in time be expanded to include member representatives, a doctor and other relevant experts. The purpose of the Board is, in close cooperation with the Secretariat, to set the overall guidelines for THCMEs work and to secure THCMEs future operation and development, which include financial resources, administrative jobs etc. The Board of Directors meets every third month, discussing daily work in THCME and taking decisions on everything from changes in the production of medicine to start up new THCME Social Clubs and Farmhouses.

Concurrently with the founding of future THCME local associations, will these get their own local boards consisting of the local association’s founders, minimum two member representatives and two experts. The local boards will answer directly to the central board, which have the responsibility to secure that the local boards live up to the association’s purpose, rules and regulations and the code of conduct. Local boards In line with the establishment of local associations, these will have their own boards consisting of the founders’ founders, two member representatives and two professionals. As with the Executive Board, four board meetings are also held annually, which are planned from the meetings of the Board of Directors to ensure that it always has the updated numbers from all Social Clubs and Farmhouses and is aware of their needs.