THcme farmhouses

One of THCME’s most important purposes it to ensure that our affected members have the right to grow cannabis plants and to produce cannabis medicine with and without THC. When legalized, the members must have the proper knowledge in order to grow and produce same and effective medicine and the members will thus be educated through workshops and lectures.

The primary purpose of THCME’s future Farmhouses is thus to deliver seeds and cuttings to the association’s members, so they can grow the cannabis at home. Secondary, the purpose of the Farmhouses is to deliver different cannabis medicine products to those members that cannot make the medicine themselves. In this way, the members will have ownership of the production and thus get a feeling of control – they can handle their own illness by producing exactly what they need in the cheapest way possible without it compromising the quality of the medicine.

Since it currently is illegal to grow cannabis for one’s own use and as an association in Denmark, THCME has chosen to do a pilot project in the Netherlands. Thus, no farmhouses will be established in Denmark at this point.

The hope is that a suitable amount of farmhouses will be established in the future in accordance with the number of members and their individual needs. THCME will in the longer run grow cannabis plants both indoors and outdoors and several sorts with and without THC will be sowed in order to secure the widest possible assortment of end products. THCME’s farmhouses may only produce the amount of plants that is needed by the Social Club members. When registering for membership, one must order the plants needed and the farmhouses will thus plant this exact amount. It is the secretariat’s job to control that these guidelines are up-held. If a member needs to increase his dose, or if new members sign up in the middle a production, THCME’s farmhouses will compensate for this by haven a smaller stock to be used in emergencies until it is possible to adjust the production to fit the members’ needs. Equivalent process is put in motion if a member resigns. 

When a prospective member is admitted to a local Social Club, they must indicate their need for medication in the form of 1) Skunk, 2) CBD oil or 3) THC oil and 4) other products, including indicating whether they even have the opportunity to grow as well as produce the medication in question or whether to order it through the THCME Farmhouse’s future intranet. THCME’s product range will depend on what members demand. THCME Farmhouses will self-cultivate the plants that will be used to supply seeds and cuttings, as well as produce members’ medications. It is the pharmacist’s job in collaboration with Farmhouse administrators to ensure that all members’ needs are met, both in relation to the product type and the amount required.

All future THCME farmhouses will be managed by the secretariat. In this way, it will be possible to minimize production costs and prevent tax fraud as well as keep control of amounts produced. Any yielded profit from the farmhouses will be given to the Social Clubs to cover expenses, organize events and develop efforts.

Farmhouse employés

There will be three kinds of people working in the farmhouses, 1) Farmers, 2) Farmer Administrators and 3) Pharmacists.

The Farmers

…are responsible for the production of the THCME’s own plants as well as to assist the Administrator and the Pharmacists with the production of different kinds of medicine. Furthermore the Farmers will be responsible for conducting the training as well as providing counselling for those members, who are themselves able to grow their own plants. The Farmhouses and the affiliated Farmers will contribute to the selection of which sorts of plants the association should work with.



…are knowledgeable about the THCME products and can thus provide counselling about proper use hereof. Furthermore the Pharmacists are, in close cooperation with the farmers, responsible for the production of the different types of cannabis medicine. In addition, the Pharmacists will conduct the mandatory membership events as well as other events regarding cannabis medicine.

Farmhouse Administrators

…are responsible for the running of one or more THCME Farmhouses, including production management, production cycle, management of employees, the process of delivering various products to the Social Clubs and the members of the association.