THcme Social clubs

One of goals of THCME is to help our future members to start up local THCME Social Clubs around the country. Aside from being able to collect e.g. their seeds or medicine at the Social Clubs, members will also have a chance to meet up with other people in the same situation as themselves under social settings. Additionally The Social Clubs will facilitate member-events, workshops etc. Moreover the purpose with the THCME Social Clubs is to give our members an opportunity to buy e.g. selected food and drinks, so that they can optimise the internal functions of their body.

THCME Social Clubs will only be open to the members of the association. Consequently no one but the members will be permitted to use the Social Club facilities. An exception might be for relatives or support persons who accompany our members because of illness, just as professionals who are conducting workshops or lectures are welcome in the Social Club facilities. In the event that one of our members is seriously ill and therefore unable to cultivate or produce – nor his relatives, the local Social Club will ensure that THCME’s own produced medicine is delivered to the person concerned or handed over to the relative. It will also be possible to pre-order THCME’s food and beverage products, which can also be delivered if a member of our member is too sick to retrieve it. In addition, various member events as well as our support members.

There will be some different requirements which should be fulfilled before establishing a THCME Social Club. This is to make sure that the affected persons will receive the same quality, service and membership offers, independent on which Social Club you are affiliated as a member. Besides, the THCME wants to ensure that every Social Club lives up to the most important purpose of the association, namely that the association is for and by its members – not a few individuals, companies or criminal who will earn money on our members’ vital need for pain relieving medicine, that will improve their live conditions. The Central Board and the Secretary of THCME will be responsible for ensuring that the Social Clubs, including the local boards, obey the quality standards and purpose of the THCME association.

There will also be physical information material about the association, its purpose, description of the products, etc. available to all Social Clubs who are required to always be available to its members. In addition, all Social Clubs can make their own information material, for example. in connection with specific member events. The information material must be approved by the Secretariat and comply with the Association’s standards and rules. There will also be information material available on the THCME intranet and official website, which will further link to relevant websites, leaflets, etc. The material will e.g. discuss where you can get help if you are mentally vulnerable or in pain or you are afraid that you have lost an overview of the consumption of one’s medication. In addition, members will also be able to find out what they can get from auxiliary equipment and how they acquire this.

In addition, each local Social Club will eventually have their own closed Facebook groups, which only members of that local department can join. Here, as a member, you will be able to follow what happens to activities locally or wish to be updated on other relevant news.

Below you can read more about our visions for THCME’s future Social Clubs as well as how you in the future can become an active member or a supporting member of the association.