A secretariat will be put in place to run the association. The secretariat will be in charge of the development of the association, the politico-legal work, the economy, the recruiting, the supervision, internal and external communication etc. The secretariat will in the first instance consist of voluntary members, including the founders of THCME. In the long run, the hope is to be able to hire payed employees, e.g. office clerks, communicators, project leaders and jurists.

In the future the secretariat will service the associations Advisory Board and Legal Team. Both will consists of relevant professional, such as nurses, doctors, lawyers and social workers in both the juridical, political and societal area. In addition, the secretariat has the responsibility for THCMEs Knowledge Academy, that manage the internal and external documentation, and THCMEs Training Academy that is responsible for the internal and external teaching. The two academies is put in place to secure the association’s members the best working conditions as well as securing the members the best products and a wide variety of activities.