Local Departments

For permission to run and maintain a THCME Social Club in a local area in the future, an application must be accepted by the Secretary who will be responsible for the distribution of licenses, just as they are responsible for ensuring that the new local associations and their boards live up to the standards and purpose of THCME.

A local association must have at least 50-100 members and maximum 250-500 members depending on geographical location and population density. This requirement is among others to make sure that the production of seeds, cuttings and cannabis medicine (e.g. CBD/THS-oil) for the respective members do not surpass the determined doses. THCME’s Social Clubs will keep open 2 – 3 days a week to ensure members a common social community as well as in case of emergency for delivery of, for example, medicine. The opening hours are therefore determined by the members themselves in the respective local Social Clubs at start-up and are adjusted as needed.

This will also contribute to a moderate production of high quality, because it will optimise the conditions for production, containment, transport and dispensing of the medicine for the members. Furthermore there are some other conditions that must be fulfilled before opening a Social Club, e.g. apposite facilities which must be accepted by the Secretariat, requirements of extraction devices, handicap toilets etc. Additionally it is a necessity that the local association through its memberships have the given resources that is required to open up a Social Club.

Thus the size of the future THCME Social Clubs will vary from city to city, however the fundamental requirements for e.g. the dispensing of medicine, the conduction of membership events etc. will be the same for every THCME Social Club independent of size. Opening hours will also vary from club to club and will depend on the members’ need in the given local area.

There will be regulations concerning what must not be done e.g. regarding advertising. Advertising will only be allowed in the extent that it is targeted towards the target groups of the association (e.g. current or potential members). In the beginning of a local association’s start-up, the Secretariat will be responsible – in close cooperation with the Central Board – to determine the regulations and scope of advertising. Another regulation determines that THCME Social Clubs must not be placed closely by any schools, sports facilities, youth clubs or shopping malls – in general all public places where especially children and other vulnerable groups come and go, including e.g. places for abuse treatment.