Workshops for members

The Training Academy will in the long run conduct workshops targeted to our members – or their relatives in cases where members do not have the opportunity to participate themselves. The workshops will be conducted at the local Social Clubs in cooperation with the Farmers. The members can participate in the following workshops:

THCME’s Green Workshops for beginners and intermediates

You will learn the basics about hemp plants, how to grow both outdoor and indoor including knowledge of the plant cycles, fertilizing, trimming of plants etc. as well as how to farm your own seeds – only for your own consumption.

THCME’s Medicin Workshops for beginners, intermediates and experienced

As a beginner or intermediate you will for instance learn about how to produce CBD and THC-oil. As an experienced you will for among others learn how to produce other products including products which can be used for food and drinks e.g. CBD tea.

THCME’s Healthy Workshops for beginners, intermediates and experienced

As a beginner or intermediate you will learn some simple, healthy recipes with and without cannabis medicine e.g. various cakes. The experienced will go into the cooking in depth, including learning about what the different foods are good or bad for, just as they will learn about the different healthy dishes and juices which you can either make or order at the THCME. Additionally the experienced will learn how to make oil and butter with THC for use in cooking.

In the long run the purpose is to add an extra course where you can learn some physical training exercises that you can do if you for instance experiences cramp, headache or back pains.

Initially the workshops will be conducted around the concerned country for the members of the association until the establishments of Social Clubs. The local divisions will prospectively ensure the training of our members in connection to grow or produce medicine – for own consumption only. Further workshops will be provided in the long run about subjects that our members want.