Become a supportmember

It will be possible to become a supportive member of the association, if you are not ill yourself but wish to support the ill people in their fight for a right to natural medicine. The support membership contingent is as a rule free if you just want to signal to the politicians and to the society, that you stand behind the project and the right for cannabis medicine, but it is also possible to support THCME financially and hereby contribute to the purpose and development of the THCME. It is up to the individual to decide the size of the financial contribution.

The support members cannot buy medicine or use the Social Clubs on a daily basis. For the sake of transparency as well as interest, two annual events will be conducted in which the support members can participate and learn about the work and results of THCME. Furthermore the support members will be invited to selected member events for ordinary members.

To become a support member you must initially fill in the contact form, where after you will receive further information including how you by your membership can join in our work.

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