In the fall of 2018 THCME hope to open our counseling by telephone or e-mail for our members. Where geographically possible, home counseling will be provided for those who are too sick to look for it themselves.

THCME’s counselling team’s job is to secure all members of the association the best counseling in the areas of 1) cannabis medicine, 2) how to grow cannabis and produce the medicine, 3) healthy diet, 4) the members needs. THCME’s counseling is firstly done by volunteers with relevant professional knowledge within the specific areas. In the future the ordinary members will be able to receive education that will enable them to provide counseling to the additional members. These member counsellors will be guided by a leader that coordinates the counseling and will make sure that the recruiting, training, supervision etc. All counsellors will be governed by THCME’s ETHICAL RULES and they have completed THCME’s educational training before they are allowed to provide counseling.

In the long run the goal is to extend the above counseling efforts to include counseling on how one solve life’s additional challenges, e.g. legal rights, debt counseling or social problems. This effort will be conducted in cooperation with external counselors in the respective fields. To accomplish this THCMEs Secretary has already establish a working relationship with The Social Legal Aid, so that THCME can refer their members if the suffer from legal, debt or social problems.

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Do you want be a volunteer in THCME’s counselling team? And do you have knowledge about healthy diets (with and without cannabis products), training/yoga-programs for people with e.g. cancer or sclerosis, the growth of cannabis plants and the making of medicine? Or do you have knowledge about alternative cures or experience within coaching, psychology, nursing, medicine or the like? Then you can become a part of THCME’s future counseling team. 

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