THCME Advisory Board

In the future TCHME will establish an Advisory Board consisting of relevant professionals from in and outside the country. This is done to make sure that the association has a diverse expertise at its disposal, where the different skill sets will contribute to the association’s nuanced and complete understanding of society. These Advisory Board Members shall contribute to the ongoing development of the association and its different units as well as its activities, its politico-legal work and its press work. Furthermore, the board will contribute to disseminate relevant knowledge, e.g. innovation, development of society, bills and pilot projects.

 THCMEs Advisory Board will prospectively assist THCMEs central and local boards as well as the Secretariat in the determination of a public profile. The boards will push focus on the sick’s need for access to cheap, quality medicine, including sick’s possibility to grow and produce their own cannabis medicine. In addition the THCMEs Advisory Board will assist in launching different initiatives that is of benefit to THCMEs target group and they will contribute to the public debate by shedding light on the challenges that the current law and the pricing on cannabis medicine bring.

 THCME are already now seeking Advisory Board members, e.g. former and current politicians, relevant professionals, political activists in the cannabis area etc. As an Advisory Board member, you are not only an ambassador for THCME, you are also contributing to our political work and the association’s development. If you would like to hear more about, how you can become an Advisory Board member and contribute to THCME, then send us an e-mail via our contact form.