Training for Employees

Besides living up to the ethical rules and employment requirements of THCME, mutual for all the future employees is – voluntary as well as payed – that they have to accomplish the THCME’s mandatory basic education as well as a secondary program and a masterclass if necessary, dependent on the specific terms of employment and position. The secondary programs are divided in two depending on whether the employee is going to work as a farmer in a Farmhouse or as a manager in a Social Club. The secondary program gives access to a masterclass in case you want to become administrator of a Farmhouse, Club Headmanager of a Social Club or be a pharmacist.

The mandatory basic education consists at the moment of three required modules, where to more will come concurrently with the expansion of THCME.

THCME Organisation (mandatory)

In this mandatory basic module the participants learns everything about the THCME association and its purpose, as well as the most important areas in connection to engagement in a Farmhouse or a Social Club, including for instance economy, accounts, internal and external procurement, managing social media etc. Because of the many various tasks, the composition of employees will be widespread. The administrative employees can for instance have a professional background in the field of sociology, communication, HR, cookery, service etc.

THCME Ethical Rules (mandatory)

Everybody that works at THCME – no matter position and professional background – must also accomplish this module where they will learn about the ethical rules of THCME. The module determines the scope for what one is authorised to do as an organisation, as an employee as well as a member of the association, including how one should act in different scenarios. This module is completed with a test that must be passed before you can continue to one of the secondary programs.

First Aid – Physical and Psychological (mandatory)

Every employee at the THCME with member contact in the future Social Clubs – for instance Managers, Club Head Managers and Pharmacists – must accomplish a first aid module. This module is constructed and accommodated specially to users of cannabis, so that all employees are properly prepared to handle situations, in case a member against expectancy should get ill (physical or psychological). In this module the participants will also learn what available treatment options and other help is available.

After the mandatory basic modules you will have the opportunity to choose one of two secondary programs dependent on whether you want to work in a Social Club either as a Manager (Program A), as a Headmanager (Program A + Master 2) or as a Pharmacist (Program B + Master 3) or  in a Farmhouse as either a Farmer (Program B), a Farmhouse Administrator (Program B + Master 1) or as a Pharmacist (Program B + Master 3).


THCME’s Secondary Programs

Once you have passed the mandatory basic education with a satisfactorily result, you choose a secondary program in proportion to where in the organization you want to be affiliated in the future.

Program A: Manager (Social Clubs)

The Managers work by default in either the Social Clubs or in the Secretary. Managers can work with the daily running and service of the members in the (local) Social Club or have tasks in connection to press as well as legal policy depending on interest and professional background. Every THCME Social Club will have several Managers affiliated who will have one or more functions e.g. servicing the members, prepare food and drinks, cleaning, local marketing, administrative work etc. Additionally the Managers can function as counsellors and be specialised in one or more of the given counselling areas in the THCME. The Managers can have different professional backgrounds – most important is that they all have relevant professional expertise regarding the particular area within which they are offering counselling, e.g. juridical-, social- or medicinal background.  If the given Social Club offers food and drinks, all Managers must additionally complete a hygiene course.

You have to accomplish this module if you want to continue to the Social Club Headmanager masterclass.

Program B: Farmer (Farmhouses)

The Farmers will by default be affiliated one or more THCME Farmhouses. They are responsible for the production of the THCME’s own plants as well as to assist the Administrator and the Pharmacists with the production of different kinds of medicine, e.g. CBD and THC-oil. Furthermore the Farmers will be responsible for conducting the training as well as providing counselling for those members, who are themselves able to grow their own plants. It is the Pharmacists job to give advice regarding the production of medicine. I close cooperation with the members, the Farmhouses and the affiliated Farmers will contribute to the selection of which sorts of plants the association should work with. This secondary program will give the necessary knowledge of everything from seeds, equipment, fertilisation, sowing, harvest as well as the use of the plants. The professional background of the Farmers can vary but it is a requirement that they have former experience with growing cannabis plants and preferable has some acquaintance of the production of cannabis medicine.

This secondary program only teaches the participants how to grow the plants – not how to produce medicine. In case you want to become a Pharmacist (responsible for e.g. the production of medicine) or a Farmhouse Administrator (responsible for e.g. production management) you must have accomplished this program, before you can continue one of the two masterclasses.

THCME Masterclasses

When you have completed one of the secondary programs you can apply and be chosen for one of the following masterclasses which gives you the permission to possess the associated position in the THCME; 1) Farmhouse Administrator, 2) Social Club Headmanager or 3) Pharmacist. In the masterclasses you will be properly prepared to manage one of these important job functions in close cooperation with the Secretary of THCME as well as the other agencies in the association e.g. the THCME Legal Team. 

Masterclass 1: Farmhouse Administrators

If you have accomplished the mandatory basic education as well as the secondary program for Farmers (B) you can apply to continue on the masterclass for Farmhouse Administrators. In this masterclass you will be affiliated one of the Farmhouses to be certified. Only the necessary number of Farmers will be accepted on this master. The Farmhouse Administrator is responsible for the running of one or more THCME Farmhouses, including the growing of cannabis plants for medicine. The Administrators work closely together with the Pharmacists. This masterclass will primary focus on production management including the production cycle, management of employees, the process of delivering various products to the Social Clubs and the members of the association.

In the long run the intention is to make exchange programs with other countries such as Israel which has already build up experience with growing as well as producing cannabis products targeted ill citizens.


Masterclass 2: Social Club Headmanagers

If you have accomplished the mandatory basic education as well as the secondary program for Managers (A) you can apply to continue on the masterclass for Social Club Headmanagers. The Social Club Headmanagers are responsible for the running of the Social Clubs and in this masterclass you will obtain the necessary knowledge to manage this task, including management of employees. If the given Social Club offers food and drinks, the Social Club Headmanager will additionally be responsible for purchase, preparation and sale of this in cooperation with the ordinary Managers. Furthermore the Social Club Headmanagers will be responsible for the practical matters regarding THCME events including the internal and external communication of this.

There are no specific requirements of professional background to become a Social Club Headmanager, but people with professional expertise within the fields of service, cookery, management or nursery are preferred. If the Social Club offers food and drinks, all Social Club Headmanagers – just as the ordinary Managers – must additionally complete a hygiene course.


Masterclass 3: Pharmacists

If you have accomplished the mandatory basic education as well as the secondary program for Farmers (B) you can apply to continue on the masterclass for Pharmacists. The Pharmacists are either affiliated to one or more Social Clubs or Farmhouses. This masterclass will specialise the Pharmacist in the products of the THCME association and thereby ensure that they can provide counselling about the proper use of cannabis medicine in its different shapes as well as the (side) effects. In addition the Pharmacists will be a part of the THCME Counselling efforts. To ensure the quality of the counselling, the Pharmacists must at some point have been ill themselves with one of the singled out diagnoses and/or have a previous knowledge of cannabis medicine e.g. due to professional background.

Besides counselling the Pharmacist will be co-responsible for the production of the different types of cannabis medicine in the THCME. Furthermore the Pharmacists will conduct the mandatory membership events as well as other events regarding cannabis medicine.