About the educators

THCME will have internal as well as external educators to handle the training of both our members as well as our employees. THCME’s own educators will be primary responsible for the training of our members. They will in cooperation with chosen external professionals be responsible for the training of our employees affiliated the future Social Clubs and Farmhouses.

The Farmhouse educators will be carefully chosen among people who are already “home growers” and who have also been co-responsible for the preparation of the THCME’s secondary program for Farmers, the masterclass for Farmer Administrators as well as the preparation of the member-workshops.

The Manager educators will have various professional backgrounds given that there are multiple work areas within the Social Clubs such as administrative tasks, communication, management (the Headmanager masterclass), cooking etc.

The Pharmacist educators is – just like the Farmhouse educators – carefully chosen on behalf of their experiences within the area of the given cannabis products that THCME works with.