Sharing of Knowledge

In the long run THCME’s knowledge sharing will – among others – take place on this page. In the future this page will also function as an intranet for the members of the association, in which they can register their information continually. THCME takes the responsibility of knowledge sharing very seriously, since it is the association’s evident perception that there is a lack of research and knowledge about the (side) effects of cannabis medicine at the present moment. By gathering this information the association not only helps its members but all the people in the society, who does not know how they should respond to cannabis medicine, by continually optimizing and improving conditions, production, recommendations and instructions, concurrently with more knowledge being gathered.

Furthermore evaluations and random checks will be undertaken about how the work in the THCME Social Clubs and Farmhouses is running, and it will be assessed if working conditions, production environment, information material etc. can be improved. Moreover each Social Club will have the responsibility of conducting statistics of situations where for instance a member gets sick or ill, including examining why the concerned member got sick, so that appropriate precautions can be made.

By means of this collected information, the purpose in the long run is to construct some sort of database in which you can search on keywords such as: age, gender, illness, types of cannabis medicine etc. – and then subsequently get a total overview of other people’s experiences within the same search criterions.