The staff of employees in the future THCME Social Clubs will consist of minimum one Social Club Headmanager as well as an appropriate number of Managers and voluntary members, including in the long run some payed staff. Together they will manage the different tasks regarding Social Clubs. Additionally the clubs will have a Pharmacist affiliated who will function as contact person to the future Farmhouses, so that these can adjust their production rapid depending on the members’ needs and demands. Both Pharmacists and Social Club Headmanagers will be certified by the Secretariat after accomplishment of certain training at the THCME Training Academy. As all other staff, this is to ensure that the employee in question is capable of managing their tasks. For more information on the different positions as well as training, see the page Training Academy.

The number and composition of the employees in Social Clubs will depend on the number of members, but it is expected that the employees – depending on their training and position (including Managers, Social Club Headmanagers or Phamacists) – must;

  • have knowledge of the cannabis medicine products, including some knowledge of growing and producing
  • have knowledge of the different kinds of illness, including how natural medicine can be helpful
  • know how they are supposed to react if a member gets sick because of the medicine
  • know the rules of how to prepare as well as store food and drinks
  • have at least basic knowledge of how to run a business, including disbursement of salary, taxes etc.

Firing basis / closing of Social Clubs

If a THCME Social Club Headmanager, Pharmacist and/or a Manager do not live up to the THCME Ethical Rules as well as the requirements that are demanded to run a THCME Social Club or if they in any other way damage the reputation of the association, they will be dismissed according to the rules that apply. At worst it might be necessary to close a THCME Social Club, if e.g. a Social Club Headmanager repeatedly omit to fulfill his or hers obligations. This can happen if:

  • you sell the products of THCME to a person, who are not a member of the association
  • you sell the products of THCME for other purposes than medical use
  • you do not pay fees, taxes, VAT or so.

In cases where a Social Club Headmanager do not ensure to clamp down on e.g. a Manager’s inappropriate behavior or if the Social Club Headmanager violate the rules of THCME in a sufficient way, they will not only be dismissed but also prosecuted in accordance to the rules that apply. In these cases the THCME Legal Team will take over.