Financial support is essential for THCME’s work. Neither the pilot project in the Netherlands nor the political work in Denmark that hopefully will lead to THCME’s establishment in Denmark, can be done without money. We want to keep the cost as low as possible for our members and we thus need a wide variety of people to get behind our cause. All contributions, material as well as economical, large as well as small, not only makes it possible for us to continue our work, they also make it possible to keep our spirits high, so we can do an even better job.

You can help us by becoming a paying or non-paying supporting member (private persons) or a sponsor (corporations). As a paying supporting member or sponsor you are contributing financially to our association’s work. As a non-paying supporting member or sponsor you are showing politicians that you support our cause to legalize cannabis medicine.

If you want to become a supporting member, you can sign up HERE. In the future, when the association is well-established, supporting members will receive a start package that will tell you more about the work, you have chosen to support, how you can participate actively in the work and you will receive continuous up-dates on our results.

If you want to become a sponsor of THCME’s work, you can fill out our CONCACT FORM. Subsequently, you will be contacted by THCME’s Secretariat that will provide practical information and elaborate on our wishes in regards to your corporations contributions. As a corporation you are also welcome to make material sponsorships, that is to donate used office furniture, computers, chairs etc. that can be used in our future THCME Social Clubs.



July 2017 – Romania

In connection with a summer holiday including a round trip in Romania, Romania came on the list of interesting countries due to their strict legislation as well as the many challenges that continued and continued in Romanian prisons as well as their lack of legal...

May 2017 – Belgium

The first trip in THCME's name went to Brussels to get an idea of ​​what looked at European level in relation to the cannabis medicine field as well as to feel the forthcoming international political work that should and should continue to make a project like THCME...

February 2018 – The Netherlands

As a follow-up to the founder's autumn trip in 2017, the visit to Holland was this time to look more at the Dutch Coffeeshops versus the great knowledge gathered in relation to, for example, the Social Clubs in Barcelona - to ensure that all the best things from each,...

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